Green Beans with Tomatoes

Quick, easy Green bean dish

I make this green bean dish every summer, and Thanksgiving time, because it is tasty, quick and only 3 ingredients. Now and then, if I have on hand, I’ll add basil and now and then feta cheese.

I remember the first time I made this 25 years ago from a quick cooking magazine. My father in law asked me for the recipe after dinner, while we were watching a movie. It’s been in my recipe file ever since

Veterans Day

This is a photo from Okinawa that we keep on our fireplace mantle.

Honoring my late father-in-law, Gerald James Shea, He was an Army veteran of both World War II and the Korean War.

He was a lifetime member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 972, an emeritus member of the Seismological Society of America, a member of the NRA, member of the Inventors Hall of Fame, and a member of Hoosier Association of Science Teachers Inc.

He opened the first seismological station recognized by the government, in Terre Haute in 1948, was on staff at Indiana State University, held a solar energy patent and worked on the polio vaccine while at Pfizer. He retired a
medical technologist from Pfizer.

Pop is second from the right in the photo:

We love you pop and miss your laughter. We have wonderful memories of you and will always share them.

Pes Anserine injury

I haven’t posted in a while because I started having knee pain. It came on suddenly; a lot of pain; trouble bending it and then trouble walking. The doctors did an xray and found nothing; injected steroid while waiting for an MRI. The MRI supposedly showed nothing. An appointment was made for 6 weeks later. In the meantime, I was becoming worse. The pain was so intense, my college son came home (from out of state) to stay with us and take care of me. He bought me crutches, which helped me move from room to room. I called the doctor and asked them to look at MRI again. They fit me in for the next week. He started pushing on the spot where I told him the pain was; he said well that’s the Pes Anserine, He said that’s a whole new area than where we originally thought it was. I said, “no, that is exactly the spot I showed you when I first came in 2 months ago” He injected something to help reduce the inflammation in the bag behind those tendons. It does not stop the pain of trying to bend the knee, the pain behind the knee, the discomfort when trying to walk, but hopefully it will help guide it to healing. In the meantime, while I was at that visit; I asked him to look at the MRI while I was there. Turns out, they didn’t look at it. They go by what the MRI technicians tell them. He said, the MRI Tech found nothing and noted that. While he was scanning the MRI, he found an obvious cyst growing in the Patella bone and the cartilage was obviously rubbing on it. He said it was very obvious on the MRI and confused by why the MRI tech did not mention this. I am now waiting on the next appointment (3 weeks from now) to decide what next. I’ve been tired due to lack of activity and also not sleeping well. I can only sleep on my back; any slight movement to my side – hurts. Pillows between knees do not help – still can’t bend the knee – walking on crutches is exhausting – My son is doing all my shopping and taking care of the house and property – He is great at making sure I have ice packs and water for drinking. I have had no sudden falls or injuries of any kind, so it’s all very confusing. It’s been 3 months now. I am curious what will be decided in 3 weeks.

I miss baking

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