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Cheesy Meat Taquitos, Horchata, and Zucchini Chaffles

Cheesy Beef Taquitos

Keto Celebrations: Low-Carb Dishes for Holidays and Special Occasions Paperback – July 14, 2020

by Mary Alexander 

I checked this book out from my library. The recipe called for chicken, but I had leftover hamburger to use up. I will definitely make this with chicken.

I am so impressed with the recipes in this book, I have ordered a copy so that I can make notes in it.

cheese wraps


I added a side salad; cabbage/kale dish and a celery stick with sugar free peanut butter. What a pleasant meal.


Tomato dressing

My favorite flavor in a salad is tomatoes; I like the smell of them; the taste of them; so, I make tomato dressing in the moment; I cut tomatoes up and let the juice run all over the salad; sometimes, I’ll use the juice of jalapenos, etc. I just use the juice of the veggie mother nature helps me grow; I also add a little flax seed oil with pepper; this is so filling

Top all of this with pepper.

No leftovers to store.

I think this toad in my garden is saying, “mine, mine, mine!”