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Jim’s father, Jerry Shea from Terre Haute, Indiana, made this cutting board over 80 years ago from a 100 year old oak tree. The tree fell in the yard, Jerry decided to thank the tree for all the years of shade it provided for the home; all the years it provided homes for creatures; the large branch which held a vintage rattan swing for two. The swing has been moved to another old tree, where I swing, and look up in awe. The cutting board is in the kitchen of this 100 year old home, I use it every day, for every meal. I smile and think of pop, and imagine him working on this board to make it perfect for his mother, and then later for his wife.

Jerry was a vet in WWII, and we thank him for his service. We miss Jerry, and remember him fondly. I love this board, and noticed it was a great back drop for photos when I want to share a recipe.

Thank you Jerry Shea.

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