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Ranch Dressing

I have made a few recipes from the book Craveable Keto by Kyndra Holley (Author) after checking it out from the library. I immediately ordered the book, and I’m now jotting notes on pages of favorite recipes I have created from it.

These are the recipes I have made a few times now: Dill Pickle Coleslaw (my husband requests this often), Parmesan Roasted Broccoli, Boosted Coffee and Vanilla Coffee Creamer, Jon’s Special, and the Ranch Dressing, which I am dipping everything in , besides pouring it on my salad.

this next photo, I’ll tip the bottle of dressing to show you how thick it is


Cheesy Meat Taquitos, Horchata, and Zucchini Chaffles

Cheesy Beef Taquitos

Keto Celebrations: Low-Carb Dishes for Holidays and Special Occasions Paperback – July 14, 2020

by Mary Alexander 

I checked this book out from my library. The recipe called for chicken, but I had leftover hamburger to use up. I will definitely make this with chicken.

I am so impressed with the recipes in this book, I have ordered a copy so that I can make notes in it.

cheese wraps


I added a side salad; cabbage/kale dish and a celery stick with sugar free peanut butter. What a pleasant meal.

President’s Ranch cookbook

I am currently reading this beautiful, hard bound book. The photos of the people are fun to see, the stories are an interesting read, and the recipes are inspiring. I have bookmarked a few recipes that I will be making this summer, and I will come back here and leave my thoughts on them. There is so much to this book, besides recipes, so I am smiling while sharing little bits of it with my husband.

A note to the author: You mentioned on page 68 how world leaders love cheeseburgers. A reporter wrote an article called “Cheeseburger Diplomacy” during the time President Bush was in office. Mrs. Bush had a very specific way she like burgers prepared. You mentioned what made these burgers just right for dining was the fresh-made whole wheat buns. I would have enjoyed seeing a recipe for the fresh made whole wheat buns. A tip for future books, would be to refer to the page number of the cheeseburger recipe. I found it in the index and have bookmarked it for a grilling idea this summer