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Keto Crack Chicken

My husband chose gouda for this dish, and the homemade bread is for him, as he is not on Keto. This is yummy, but the cheese was too much for me. I removed the cheese, and ate the chicken.

This came from The Big Man’s World

Here is the recipe: keto crack chicken


Spicy Masala Chicken dish

This was delicious! I’m impressed that no one asked for salt on this. The combination of flavors are fantastic together

This is an oversized book. Every recipe includes a beautiful photograph, and some of the recipes have photo steps.

Tomorrow I’m making the blackened hot chicken breasts dish.

Garlic Butter Chicken bites with Lemon Asparagus


I also made another small pan of the garlic butter, and added mushrooms and onions to have as sides for anyone who wanted those with their dish as well.

We had garlic biscuits with this.

My son is looking forward to the leftovers tonight when we go to bed, and he stays up playing video games (he is home from college)

Chicken Marsala and Basmati Rice Pilaf

Chicken Marsala (p. 86) with Basmati Rice Pilaf (p. 128)

Delicious! I doubled the sauce, and I’m glad I did.

From the book: Super Fast IP Pressure Cooker Book

Under 30 minutes

If the other recipes are this yummy and easy to put together; I look forward to creating more from this book.

Cast Iron Skillet Rotisserie Chicken Pasta dish

Caste Iron Skillet Rotisserie chicken, broccoli, bacon, pasta shells, mozzarella Cheese – Rotisserie from Sams because they are delicious. I used 2% milk. Prepare the pasta per package instructions – this equaled about 2 1/2 to 3 cups, drain, and set aside (I used medium shell pasta) All of the next part was done in the same cast iron skillet. You can cook the bacon whole and then chop it, but I chop the bacon first, and then cook it, then scoop the bacon out and set aside in a dish – Leave the bacon fat in the skillet; stir fry the broccoli just to get that charred look – take the broccoli out of the pan, and set aside; (I put the broccoli in same dish as the cooked bacon pieces); add 1 tsp of garlic; (or more to your liking) add about 1/4 or 1/3 cup flour; (I just scooped it out with a large serving spoon – so that was about what it looked like); mixed that in the bacon drippings; add 2 1/2 cups of milk , start with 2 cups, because after 2 it looked like it needed a bit more; stirred all of this until it got thick; add 1 cup mozzarella (because I have a quantity of this from New Years charcuterie board ); stir until melted; add some kosher salt to your liking, add the chicken (about 3 1/2 to 4 cups – chopped or shredded); add the broccoli and the bacon bits – mix all together; top all of this with 1/2 to 1 cup of mozzarella. Put in oven under broiler for about 3 or 4 minutes until cheese turns brown; I add pepper to the top when I pulled it out of the oven

IP Creamy Tortellini, Spinach And Chicken Soup

IP Creamy Tortellini, Spinach And Chicken Soup

I made cheese tortellini with mushrooms and sausage, two days ago for the guys, after a long day of taking down a large tree on our property.

I made a lot, so there was plenty of leftover. I remembered this recipe I had made last year, and everyone had enjoyed it. There was a large pot of leftover, I just poured the whole bag of tortellini, as a what the heck moment.

I used this exact recipe with the leftovers, so this one had chicken and sausage, as well as mushrooms. I was out of half and half, so I added 1/3 cup of heavy cream to 2/3 cup of 2% milk.

This recipe was a life saver! They devoured it! I made a lot of it, and I’m glad I did. The guys spent the day, coming in and out of the cold, from working on the tree, to scooping bowls of this. Jim said, “add this to your recipe file!”

I recommend you try this, and make it your own. In the future, I’ll continue to add mushrooms to this; oh, and I used canned tomatoes yesterday, I use what I have on hand.

The Best Chicken Parmesan

This is delicious and makes a lot. My college aged son said the house smelled so good while everything was being prepared throughout the day. I did this in stages. Definitely a keeper because I will make this again. This makes a lot, so be prepared for easy leftovers.

Turkey or Chicken and Tomatillo Chimichangas

I made this with leftover turkey last year after Thanksgiving. I froze the remaining filling. This freezes well. I just pulled a bag from the freezer for dinner tonight. I was thrilled there was no freezer burn taste. Jim ate 3 large chimichangas, and said it tasted like I just created it.


If you are using leftover turkey -skip the first step with the chicken in water – you can use a chipotle chile from a can if you don’t want to boil one. I used leftover turkey when I first created this. It is a bit of work the first time, but trust me, you can freeze the leftover filling (and it makes a lot) Once frozen, all you have to do is thaw, and add to fajita shells and fry real quick.

I’m so glad I froze this and didn’t toss or give away. Definitely using this recipe again this year, after Thanksgiving

This is a big, beautiful – oversized book. This is a fun book for us because the recipes are out of our normal creating range and we enjoy the change up.

There are a couple hot drinks I’ll be trying this year from this book.