Dutch Apple Roll

This recipe is from the book: The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook.

Dutch Apple Roll.

I made two logs from this, and froze them. A few days later, I pulled out one of the frozen logs, and they are very easy to slice. You can make these as thick as you like. I like to have desserts at the ready that slice and bake directly from the freezer. These are delicious. I like them just like they are, and Jim likes to add ice cream to his dish.

I recommend this recipe and will make this again.

Tip: while rolling – keep your palms around the dough as you pull the apples that are falling away in to the roll as you roll – Just tuck and roll – hurry and wrap this and put in the freezer. These are much easier to slice after being in the freezer over night. If you slice these as soon as you make them – they will become squished/distorted, which will cause the apples to fall out. I had to re-roll because of this and just freeze over night.

If you are going to freeze these – pour the syrup on right before putting in the oven – I did not freeze these with syrup on them.

I enjoy making recipes from old cookbooks. This recipe is a keeper. I will make it again.

delicious with ice cream
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