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Classic Apple Pie

apple pie in the making

I’m not a pie baker. This is my first attempt. After making this pie, I have learned to go easy on Chinese 5 spice powder – it is very strong. I will go 1/2 tsp next time as the spice intensified after sitting over night.

The house smells delicious. I’m going to share the photo of the recipe from this book as I’m busy creating for the holidays.

beautiful book
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Drain for 25 minutes. A bit of history on this colander, and measuring cup I’m using in the above picture. The colander is vintage – this was given to me 20 years ago by a sweet lady, Peggy. Peggy passed away in her 60’s from Alzheimer’s. She was too young to leave this world, and the healthiest person you could imagine. I helped take care of her because she was not only family, but a friend. She gave me this beautiful set of dishes. Every time I use this colander (often) I think of her, and I smile at the image of her face.

The measuring cup is antique and belonged to Jim’s grandma – she baked a lot. She was the pie baker in the family. I think of her when I use this cup.

Delicious! Granny Smith apples were the right choice