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Easy Banana Bread and Strawberry Banana Bread

I had several bananas which I allowed to turn brown. I used 3 in this recipe, and followed it precisely. I had the oven light on and I watched this raise to a beautiful golden brown. I followed the bloggers tips, I checked it at 50 minutes, and although it looked done, the top was still doughy, so I tent foiled for another 5 minutes. This was so good, I decided to make a second loaf, and instead of a full tsp of vanilla, I stopped about 3/4 of a tsp and topped the tsp off with banana extract. The smell is amazing; the flavor over the top. The commenters are correct on one loaf not being enough, a 4×8 pan is smaller than the loaf pans I usually use, and it works perfectly for this loaf.

Here is the link for the Easy Banana Bread

The Strawberry Banana Bread recipe came from the Taste of Home website. It is titled Raspberry Banana Bread. I froze one of the loaves. I did not have raspberries, so I used strawberries. The smell reminded me of a banana split. I first found this in my TOH’s Bread bonanza cookbook Volume 6, 2003 issue, on page 7. I baked for 60 minutes, here in Indiana.

Here is a link to the recipe: Raspberry Banana Bread

I’ll share a photo of how the banana bread rose above the pan