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Supreme Pizza Soup

The first recipe I tried from this thick book was the Supreme Pizza soup; because I had everything, and it is raining and cold outside. Jim ate 4 bowls immediately. Jim said the pepperoni slices are what made him think pizza. This soup is delicious.

I look forward to making many more dishes. I have added tabs to several pages. This is a nice size book, with color photos of every recipe. The recipes sound easy and yummy. The ingredients are easy to come by, if they are not already on your shelf. Most of these ingredients are already on my shelf.

I first came across Kyndra Holley books at my library. After trying many recipes, I started ordering the books online. I enjoy her blog: peaceloveandlowcarb, and her recipe creations.

This book does not disappoint.


Asparagus Soup with Lemon and Parmesan

I had to do something with the Asparagus, because we got tired of it this past weekend after I made a large batch to go with our campfire foods. Jim did not want heavy cream in it, so I found this recipe on this blog called, “onceuponachef

This is delicious! I added adobe chili pepper and chili pepper flakes to my bowl, and it was perfect! Jim said this was so pleasant with this weather. I poured it in jars for us to heat up for the next several meals.

This is her photo of what you need for this recipe

Summer Zucchini Soup

Delicious! We like this hot. You can do hot or cold. Jim asked me to save some for him when he gets off work.

This is what I am sipping on today after a big walk. This is so good. I followed the recipe, and then I added my own spices at the end (rosemary/garlic salt; Italian blend; green onions)

I will be making this often. I’m including photo of recipe and the book it came from.


Oyster Stew

The pictures are not attractive but this is so good! My husband thought it was perfect and ate it all; I was thinking maybe a pinch of the pepper flakes next time as there was quite a bit of heat for me, but Jim said don’t change it.

Here is the link for the Oyster Stew

Someone on my page asked me what the cracker mixture underneath the dish was; I make the Cracker Party mix often and play with a variety of cracker. Here is the basic recipe, but I play with the cracker combo and today I also added Chex mix. I do 1 heaping tsp of the dill weed, because we like it. At the 15 minute mark, I pull the pan out and toss everything; I then add a bit of salt over all, and put back in oven for 5 more minutes. We do not buy chips; the guys just let me know when they are craving this. When these crackers go on sale, I stock up for the next time.

If you like a heavy garlic flavor, you might want to add more garlic to this – this was just right for us. Easy, fun snack

Cracker Party mix

1 package (12-16 oz) oyster crackers

1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Buttermilk dressing mix (dry)

1/4 tsp. lemon pepper

1/2 to 1 tsp dill weed

1/4 tsp garlic powder

3/4 to 1 cup veg. or olive oil

(I used slightly less than 3/4)

Preheat oven 250

Mix the ranch mix with oil. Add rest of ingredients. Pour over oyster crackers which I had spread out on a cookie sheet and stir/toss. I do this part on cookie sheet because I use a large spatula to toss the mixture and scrape /scoop ingredients off the bottom of pan to toss with crackers.

Bake 15-20 minutes

This has a light garlic taste -if you like heavy taste of garlic, you will want to add more. This was perfect for us for snacking and it would also be good added to a bowl of tomato soup.

Grilled Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas & Homemade Tomato Soup

Grilled Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas

A neighbor gave us several jars of tomatoes from his garden last year (20 jars) I am finishing them up so I can hand them back to him; my husband goes over and helps him pick and can the tomatoes. Last night I made a tomato soup dish Jim’s grandmother taught me over 20 years ago, which takes brandy. So I’m using the bottle of Brandy she gave me. I wanted to show you the vintage bottle holder her husband made out of metal for her. I adore the look of this bottle holder – it sits proudly on top of my refrigerator.

Grilled Black Bean and Sweet Potato Quesadillas were made from a recipe I found in a Better Homes and Garden Ultimate Mexican 20011 magazine. (recipe in photos)

They are delicious!

Mammah’s Tomato Soup

2 jars of tomatoes (probably about 28 to 32 oz each)

½ cup broth (I have used vegetable – this time I used chicken)

3-4 Tbsp unsalted butter

1 onion, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 bay leaf

1-2 tsp brown sugar

2 Tbsp tomato paste

2 Tbsp all-purpose flour

½ tsp baking soda

Salt and pepper

2 Tbsp Brandy

½ – 2/3 cup heavy cream (taste it after ½ cup and decide)

(If you do not have cream, tear up 3 slices of bread, crusts removed. Add this with the sugar)

Drain tomatoes in colander set over bowl, press lightly to release juice. Pour tomato juice and chicken broth in large measuring cup (this should measure 4 1/2 cups) Set this to the side for later. Set tomatoes to the side.

Melt butter (I used a Dutch Oven) over medium heat. Add onion and garlic, cook until soft. Add ¾ of the drained tomatoes, bay leaf, and brown sugar. Cook stirring occasionally, about 15 minutes. If tomatoes brown before 15 minutes, move on to next step.

Add tomato paste and flour to pot and cook, stirring until paste begins to darken, about 1 or 2 minutes. Stir in reserved tomato juice broth mixture, the remaining tomatoes, baking soda, 1 teaspoon salt, and Brandy; bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low, and simmer until slightly thickened, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. Discard bay leaf. When soup has cooled a bit, puree soup in blender (I scooped out enough to fill blender ½ way, pureed, poured in the large measuring cup I had used previously; did this until I had it all pureed. Return the soup to the pot. Stir in cream.


This is good topped with croutons also

IP Creamy Tortellini, Spinach And Chicken Soup

IP Creamy Tortellini, Spinach And Chicken Soup

I made cheese tortellini with mushrooms and sausage, two days ago for the guys, after a long day of taking down a large tree on our property.

I made a lot, so there was plenty of leftover. I remembered this recipe I had made last year, and everyone had enjoyed it. There was a large pot of leftover, I just poured the whole bag of tortellini, as a what the heck moment.

I used this exact recipe with the leftovers, so this one had chicken and sausage, as well as mushrooms. I was out of half and half, so I added 1/3 cup of heavy cream to 2/3 cup of 2% milk.

This recipe was a life saver! They devoured it! I made a lot of it, and I’m glad I did. The guys spent the day, coming in and out of the cold, from working on the tree, to scooping bowls of this. Jim said, “add this to your recipe file!”

I recommend you try this, and make it your own. In the future, I’ll continue to add mushrooms to this; oh, and I used canned tomatoes yesterday, I use what I have on hand.

Chili with sweet potatoes

Homemade chili seasoning:

2 Tbsp chili powder

1 Tbsp dried oregano (I grow oregano and this is out of my garden – love the smell of it),

1 Tbsp ground coriander

1 Tbsp ground cumin

1 Tbsp smoked paprika

1lb beef or chorizo – chop up half a large onion and sauté till tender, add a bit of garlic to that towards the end – also add a chopped poblano or jalapeno pepper towards the end (I play with the amount of garden peppers based on our tastes, and I grow these in my garden so I’m always combining).

Add 3 Tbsps. tomato paste,

2 or 3 large sweet potatoes, peeled and cut in to cubes,

4 cans fire roasted diced tomatoes (I play with these flavors as well),

2 can black beans (variety of beans work – we like black beans in chili),

1 can beef stock, or 2 cups homemade.

From there, play with spices and additions. Towards the end, I add pasta shells. I’ve added chopped carrots, zucchini, etc to chili – just whatever I have available.