Keto Crack Chicken

My husband chose gouda for this dish, and the homemade bread is for him, as he is not on Keto. This is yummy, but the cheese was too much for me. I removed the cheese, and ate the chicken.

This came from The Big Man’s World

Here is the recipe: keto crack chicken

Honey Apple Crisp

Oh My! This is dangerously delicious. Jim and I want more, but I’d become ill from the sugar overload. Jim had 3 bowls. This will be my go to recipe from now on. This was very easy to make. I baked it in a cast iron skillet

The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook: More Than 1,800 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes from 600 Inns (American Country Inn & Bed & Breakfast Cookbook) 1987

I used Granny Smith apples

President’s Ranch cookbook

I am currently reading this beautiful, hard bound book. The photos of the people are fun to see, the stories are an interesting read, and the recipes are inspiring. I have bookmarked a few recipes that I will be making this summer, and I will come back here and leave my thoughts on them. There is so much to this book, besides recipes, so I am smiling while sharing little bits of it with my husband.

A note to the author: You mentioned on page 68 how world leaders love cheeseburgers. A reporter wrote an article called “Cheeseburger Diplomacy” during the time President Bush was in office. Mrs. Bush had a very specific way she like burgers prepared. You mentioned what made these burgers just right for dining was the fresh-made whole wheat buns. I would have enjoyed seeing a recipe for the fresh made whole wheat buns. A tip for future books, would be to refer to the page number of the cheeseburger recipe. I found it in the index and have bookmarked it for a grilling idea this summer

Hash Brown Ham quiche

Hash Brown Ham quiche in the cast iron skilled, and if the skillet is seasoned well; the quiche slides right out of it on to a platter

My 24 year old son, Alex said, “Did you put each piece of ham in an exact spot, while I was talking to you?” I laughed and said “no, I sprinkled them here and there “

He said, ”Wow! It looks like you did!” I said, “I do things instinctively, from years of cooking, I don’t even pay attention “.

But that was funny he thought that

I did review this, it was easy to put together and delicious

Spicy Masala Chicken dish

This was delicious! I’m impressed that no one asked for salt on this. The combination of flavors are fantastic together

This is an oversized book. Every recipe includes a beautiful photograph, and some of the recipes have photo steps.

Tomorrow I’m making the blackened hot chicken breasts dish.

White chocolate, Peanut, and Caramel Candy cookies

Southern Living 2010 Ultimate Christmas cookbook

Jim asked for more of the Brie bites, which I’ve been making this past week by having fun with brie cheese, and a variety of marmalade’s

With the extra Brie cheese, I cut a few wedges and put on cookie sheet near cups. Mixed a bit of pear marmalade with white wine; heated in microwave and poured on top of cheese wedges. Added crushed walnuts on top of wine/pear/cheese wedge. Served with fire roasted Triscuit crackers which was a delicious combo

Southern Living is as always loaded with beautiful photos with fun ideas for decorating – some of the recipes seem to be very involved, but there are many that are appealing enough to want to invest the time.

Today, I made the White chocolate, Peanut, and Caramel Candy cookies on page 117. These took some time but they are chewy and delicious. I froze half the dough balls for later baking. Jim is enjoying them and eating as many as I leave out in sight – that is a compliment because he is so so on cookies. I used Rolos, and believe you can use other candy like snickers, etc.

This is a great way to use up leftover Halloween Candy. Yes, I will make these again. I’m now looking at the White chocolate-dipped oatmeal cranberry cookies on page 148.

White Chocolate Berry Muffins

The muffin top is crunchy, the inside is soft. The taste is fantastic.

This recipe works wonderfully with blueberries! The house smells delicious. I cannot wait to share these delicious muffins with my family.

I found this recipe in my Taste of Home’s Best Holiday Recipes 2008 edition. The recipe is on page 49, and it calls for raspberries, which I do not have, but I have plenty of blueberries and they work perfectly in this recipe. The recipes in this thick, beautiful magazine have photos that tempt you.

I will make these berry muffins again.

White Chocolate Berry Muffins recipe

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