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Hash Brown Ham quiche

Hash Brown Ham quiche in the cast iron skilled, and if the skillet is seasoned well; the quiche slides right out of it on to a platter

My 24 year old son, Alex said, “Did you put each piece of ham in an exact spot, while I was talking to you?” I laughed and said “no, I sprinkled them here and there “

He said, ”Wow! It looks like you did!” I said, “I do things instinctively, from years of cooking, I don’t even pay attention “.

But that was funny he thought that

I did review this, it was easy to put together and delicious

Special Fried Rice with Foo Yung


 This dish is delicious!  My husband ate 4 bowls in one sitting!     I will make this again, and I will just scramble the foo yung part, and mix it into the rice.  Also, the Foo Yung recipe:  I did not add the salt – I did do pepper – I figured between all the other ingredients it did not need more salt and this was perfect for us.   I also had some leftover turkey cold cuts, so I chopped those up and included them with the ham and shrimp combination.

This book has so many recipes that look like every day staples I keep in the pantry.  I have marked several recipes I will be trying from this book.  
I also added chopped carrots with the peas
 I’m showing you a photo of this dish after following the instructions exactly – it is an ugly 1970’s looking dish.  I laughed and said, “Wow, that is so 70’s looking!”   I then chopped up the egg, and mixed it in.