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Appetizer Avocado

If you like avocados, these are fun.

I’ve made these several times.

Pleasantly surprised. I had everything – I was curious – I changed a couple things. After inhaling that vinegar – I was like “uh oh, this will not be good” But….you let it simmer down and get thicker – you want it to go for 15 minutes, and you don’t want to lean over the pan, and get that vinegar steam in your eyes. I immediately poured the sauce in to a measuring cup, because I wanted it to cool down for instant serving.

Jim and I truly enjoyed this new idea with avocados. Only takes 15 minutes with just a few ingredients

1980 The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook

I enjoy this big, oversized book! It’s loaded with information. Step by step photos. Lots of color photos. I’ve made several recipes from this book, and each a winner