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Egg Roll in a Bowl

I made this Keto friendly by using Coconut Aminos in place of Soy Sauce; and EVO in place of vegetable oil, etc. I did keep the carrots in the coleslaw mix, and did not add extra.

Recipe for this dish that definitely tastes like an: Egg roll



Jim got me an espresso machine, because he knows I’m curious about the Breville espresso, which I can’t afford. But he found this cute, little Krups one at a thrift store.

I like the deeper taste of the espresso shot

I’m amazed at how much better the flavor is when I use the steam wand on the cream. The tiny bubbles really do enhance the flavor, and create the perfect temperature.

I’m having fun with this, and so much cheaper to make the shots yourself, for that quick pick me up

Strawberry Jalapeno jam jalapeno’s

Our neighbor made a couple types of jam for Thanksgiving and brought us over a few varieties yesterday. I decided to try the strawberry jalapeño jam today.

Jalapeños with cream cheese/herb/bacon blend.

375 for 15 minutes; I’ve also made these in the air fryer with great success.

Top with jam, and then broil for couple minutes.


mulling holiday scents

This is on my stove right now for the rest of the week, because I love the smells this adds to the home. Cranberries and then you toss in whatever fruit and cinnamon sticks you have; add water as it goes down. During Christmas I do this with wine and add wine, as we drink it down. I keep this on warm on the stove or in a crock pot. The greenery comes from my trees; we are surrounded by firs out here in the country. I don’t add the greenery when I’m making this with wine.

Ranch Dressing

I have made a few recipes from the book Craveable Keto by Kyndra Holley (Author) after checking it out from the library. I immediately ordered the book, and I’m now jotting notes on pages of favorite recipes I have created from it.

These are the recipes I have made a few times now: Dill Pickle Coleslaw (my husband requests this often), Parmesan Roasted Broccoli, Boosted Coffee and Vanilla Coffee Creamer, Jon’s Special, and the Ranch Dressing, which I am dipping everything in , besides pouring it on my salad.

this next photo, I’ll tip the bottle of dressing to show you how thick it is

Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes

Pumpkin Pecan pancakes for lunch today – it was like having dessert, while having lunch (of course, with a side of bacon)

This made 7 (about 3″ wide) pancakes for me. I used a sugar free maple syrup and added a side of bacon. You can also try these with sugar free jam, or just butter, or maybe some cinnamon sugar (keto style), etc. I froze the remainder of these, and love knowing they are in the freezer when I want a quick breakfast.

From the book Beyond Simply Keto, by Suzanne Ryan 

Here is Suzanne’s website, with more recipes: Keto Karma

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Sriracha Aioli


The lime juice and lemon juice were spot on for this dish. For the dip, I used 2 tsps. of the Sriracha chili sauce, because my husband does not like things too hot, and since the sriracha was on the brussels sprouts, I decided to keep it tame. I could have eaten it with more chili sauce in the mayo, but husband says the spice was perfect.

I also added broccoli and garlic cloves to the other side of the baking sheet, and a couple of chicken thighs.

My husband said the dip was excellent with those as well. This is a dish I will make again.

here is the recipe

in the new TOH Annual Recipes issue on page 7, by Molly Winsten.

I was on a workout machine this morning, and I started to scan this, but couldn’t get past the first couple pages, because I kept saying, “That looks good! I have all of this! and Oh my” 

Supreme Pizza Soup

The first recipe I tried from this thick book was the Supreme Pizza soup; because I had everything, and it is raining and cold outside. Jim ate 4 bowls immediately. Jim said the pepperoni slices are what made him think pizza. This soup is delicious.

I look forward to making many more dishes. I have added tabs to several pages. This is a nice size book, with color photos of every recipe. The recipes sound easy and yummy. The ingredients are easy to come by, if they are not already on your shelf. Most of these ingredients are already on my shelf.

I first came across Kyndra Holley books at my library. After trying many recipes, I started ordering the books online. I enjoy her blog: peaceloveandlowcarb, and her recipe creations.

This book does not disappoint.

Etsy has unique gift ideas

I ordered this card on Etsy, for my youngest birthday. He is a Halloween fan. This card was beautiful! Excellent quality materials, bright, and perfect for the holiday birthday. You pull the sword out of the front, to open the gate. I had a check peeking out of the gate. He called me, saying he loved it

I will include a photo of the front, before you open it; and then the inside, after opening it

Etsy has some fun, unique gift ideas.

The lady I ordered from on Etsy, has the title: ghoulytreasures208