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Crocuses are one of the first Pollen sources available to bees in early to mid spring. …

In the early 1930’s – Jim’s Aunt Margaret Shea planted crocus around the tree out front, they just kept spreading and pouring out on our property – we are finding them everywhere – there are yellows, whites and purples – mainly purples. If you are familiar with the movie Twister staring Helen Hunt – here is me on the back of ATV guiding Jim around all these flowers – remember the scene where she is guiding Bill Paxton around the barrage of farm equipment falling on the road and she is yelling “LEFT! RIGHT!” That was me when I would see a lone patch of crocus. “LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT!”

We love plants and will not harm them. Crocus all over our yard in purples, yellows and whites. Meaning: Weeks till summer! Yay!