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Crocuses are one of the first Pollen sources available to bees in early to mid spring. …

In the early 1930’s – Jim’s Aunt Margaret Shea planted crocus around the tree out front, they just kept spreading and pouring out on our property – we are finding them everywhere – there are yellows, whites and purples – mainly purples. If you are familiar with the movie Twister staring Helen Hunt – here is me on the back of ATV guiding Jim around all these flowers – remember the scene where she is guiding Bill Paxton around the barrage of farm equipment falling on the road and she is yelling “LEFT! RIGHT!” That was me when I would see a lone patch of crocus. “LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT!”

We love plants and will not harm them. Crocus all over our yard in purples, yellows and whites. Meaning: Weeks till summer! Yay!


Indiana is Waking Up

This is a new patch, which spread all the way around that giant tree – last year, I was able to walk from the porch, across the lawn, to the trash can. Now, I have to take the sidewalk to the garage, the drive way to the trash can.

Jim’s Aunt Margaret planted a patch of Crocus over 40 years ago; over the years, we have watched them spread around the property. They like sun and shade. They spread on their own, with no help. The yellow and white are few. The orange with purple centers are rare. If you want a flower that will spread on its own, these are it. After a few years, they start spreading quickly.

I was sitting in the yard this morning, listening to the birds, looking around to see what is waking up. Love to watch and hear everything wake up