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Keto Protein shake

How to Make a Keto Coffee Protein Shake:

I make this once a week, and add to a large mason jar. Keep jar in the refrigerator and have a small cup of this every other day, or I add it to the end of a cup of hot coffee.

I also go lighter on the swerve; I change the flavor often. For instance, I will add a few scoops of the chocolate protein, as well as a vanilla protein. SAMS had a small bottle of peppermint protein powder on clearance, after the holidays; so, I add a scoop of that with the chocolate now and then to this drink. It does taste like a chocolate milk shake. You just want to play with the sugar amount; it’s easy to add more if needed. I make my own cold brew coffee, but the cheaper large bottles work fine with this also.

These are not my photos; they are from the All Day I dream about food blog